Recent Updates at the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP) is a national, voluntary, self-regulatory college dedicated to protecting the rights of public consumers of mental health services.  Membership is made up of professionals who demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and competence in the delivery of mental health services.

CCPCP’s ‘inclusive model’ is open to practitioners from a variety of educational backgrounds and disciplines including counsellors and therapists, nurses, educators, life coaches, theologians and other professionals.  The college brings together qualified practitioners committed to protecting the public’s interest by providing the highest standard of mental health care for the clients we serve.   And we welcome you to join us.

Interprovincial members of this national college mix and mingle with others in the field either virtually, or in professional and leisure settings. Imagine an organization that connects experts, interns, and students from a wide variety of mental health subjects.  The power of a diverse membership is a valuable asset, providing individual members information and mentoring opportunities from other areas of expertise. 

New benefits for members:

(Changes to bylaws related to membership classes were approved by a general vote of the membership, October 15, 2015)

CCPCP has broadened the levels of membership to include Student members and Candidate members who wish to join the roster of experienced full members.  Full members have completed specialized training in mental health; a minimum of 2 years supervised clinical experience, and demonstrate core competencies required for the practice of counselling or psychotherapy.

Candidates for full membership have completed an accredited training program that includes competencies required for the practice of counselling or psychotherapy, and are currently working under clinical supervision in a counselling related position. 

Student membership, available for students currently enrolled in an accredited institution that offers courses in the core competencies necessary for the practice of counselling or psychotherapy.  Student Membershipis part of the natural progression towards supervision, competency development and professional practice. 

Change in Membership criteria:  CCPCP no longer requires applicants who meet CCPCP membership criteria, and successfully complete the entrance evaluation to belong to a professional association.

Liability Insurance is now available to full and candidate members at reasonable rates through a sponsored insurance provider.  In addition to comprehensive professional liability coverage, members may also quality for general risk coverage.  See website for details.

Designation- Full and Candidate Membership in the CCPCP include a registered, professional designation.  The designation is recognized by clients, potential employers, referral sources, and insurance providers as evidence of the member’s commitment to an ethical and professional standard of practice.

Full member designation: (CCPCP-R)

Candidate member designation: (CCPCP-cand.) 

Keeping membership fees low- As a non-profit, self-regulatory college, we offer affordable membership fees.  

See member benefits under About the College for a complete list.

Advanced Designations available for full CCPCP members

The motion introduced at the June 2016 AGM was approved by the membership to add the specialized designation, Advanced Counselling Practitioner (ACP) to the list of CCPCP member classifications

Overview:  This designation is intended for qualified members of the CCPCP who have acquired advanced, competency-based training and supervised experience in an area of specialization.  The designation -- Advanced Counselling Practitioner (ACP) informs clients, colleagues, and the general public that the CCPCP member has been granted professional recognition in their designated area of specialization.

Who May Apply?

Counsellors, Therapists, and other mental health providers who are FULL members of the CCPCP and meet the criteria may apply for designation as an Advanced Counselling Practitioner.

Once ACP designation is conferred, the member may add an additional credential to their professional title:  CCPCPr, ACP (area of specialization to be noted in parentheses)

The following areas of specialization are reflective of the CCPCP’s mandate to be inclusive of ALL mental health practitioners who meet the competency standards for membership.  The CCPCP Examination Board will evaluate any applicant’s request for inclusion, if their specific area of specialization is not included on the list below. 

Youth and Family Counsellor

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Marriage Counselling

Equine Therapy

Sex and Intimacy Counsellor

Executive Coaching

Special Education Specialist

EMDR Therapy

Grief Counselling

Life Coaching

Addictions Counsellor


Spiritual Care Practitioner

Feminist-based Therapy

Solution Focused Counselling

Music Therapy

Vocational/Career Counselling

Art Therapy

Geriatric Support Counselling

Internet Counselling

Clinical Supervision

Trauma and Crisis Counselling


Group Counselling

Behavioral Therapy

Culturally-based Counselling

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Accredited Training Institutions

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